Tiffin is a multiscript type family comprising Latin and Devanagari scripts. It aims to explore the design of a font family for use in a bilingual literary magazine which gives a platform for different views irrespective of language background, thereby bringing together and celebrating different cultures.
The family includes styles for display, text and caption. Each style has been optically adjusted for size-specific requirements. While the skeletal structure of the letters remain the same, each style explores different textures to add to the richness of the hierarchy and layout of a magazine.
The name Tiffin comes from a type of metal box called by the same name which is used in India to eat meals from. In the city of Mumbai there is a complex system of tiffin carriers called dabbawalas who deliver hot lunches in these boxes everyday to people in offices and schools from their homes. I chose this name because it is an example of something that is shared and cherished by people from different cultures in India!