Garnish is a Latin and Tamil type family that consists of three subfamilies, designed to provide a rich typographic palette for editorial design. The three subfamilies are Display, Text and Sans. The family questions the idea of optical sizes by proposing a display that is “same but different” from the text styles. The three are distinctive yet connected and when typeset together they appear cohesive. Garnish Display is an elegant flared serif-sans mix with delicate joineries, narrow proportions and squarish-round curves. Its short ascenders and descenders make it perfect for setting tight headliners and accommodating more characters in a line, which is particularly useful for the long words of the Tamil language. The first of the complementing text styles is Garnish, which is the basis of the two text subfamilies. It does not tone-down the display but rather starts at a different point. It is a sturdy serif with wide proportions, generous curves and a fusion of varied references. Garnish Sans is a grotesque that retains some of the peculiarities from the text style. The text duo is a nod to the antique-grotesque pairs from the 19th century. The family comes in ranging weights from thin to medium for the display, and regular to black for the text. Spanning from its headline to small text possibilities, the family can speak in two scripts and many voices.