Formaat is a multiscript Hebrew & Latin system designed for news websites. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive range of typefaces for the requirements of online news media. For that purpose, Formaat comes in three differents ranges of styles, each corresponding to a specific use: Text, Headline and Sans, comprising 11 styles in total.
Formaat Text is designed for continuous reading. The Latin takes inspiration from French and Dutch baroque typefaces such as those of Jean Jannon or Johann Michael Fleischmann. It has relatively low contrast and classical proportions, with marked ascenders and descenders. The Hebrew is based on traditional letterforms and informed by calligraphic practice, with a sharp treatment of outlines.
Formaat Headline is an adaptation of the text style with much more compact proportions and a higher contrast. It is designed to fit into complex grid layouts with its narrow proportions and reduced ascenders and descenders.
Formaat Sans is designed for user interface elements like navigation and forms, and for the presentation of data. It aims to be economical and legible at small sizes with clear letter shapes and generous spacing. The different weights have exactly the same spacing to make the setting of tables easier and allow for roll over effects without reflowing the text. While being practical, it also have a distinct personality with sharp details and angled terminals that evokes calligraphy.