“Choreo” is the collection that consists of 5 graphic type­faces and puts dancing letters on the stage. Offering an already interesting combination / collection of typefaces with both expressive and functional styles, which in their combi­nation become complementary players in the layout. 
With the banner-, display- and text styles, it is equipped for a variety of applications. All styles are exactly coordinated in terms of design, vertical metrics and italic angles. This allows for a playful / dancing mix with numerous possible combinations, even within single words. The both visual ends (banner and text) represent the “extremes” of this spectrum – hardly readable and easy readable. The display serves as the transition between those two. It is a balance between a typographic structure and texturality – able to convey contents and leave the observer amazed. The banner style creates identity and fulfills an ornamental, patterned role. 
Through composing with the different styles of “Choreo”, the user himself becomes the choreo-graph.