Tarisel is a hybrid gothic type family that translates 13th century lettering into contemporary graphic design. Comprised of Text and Lombardic styles, Tarisel explores the hybridization of gothic and roman type from two complementary perspectives. Although each typeface is distinctly different, they both share a similar blend of handmade and synthetic features. Tarisel Text is a low-contrast inscriptional typeface that straddles the line between sans and serif. Steering clear of calligraphic clichés, it appears roman at text size and gothic when set large. Tarisel Lombardic is a digital adaptation of gothic capitals that highlights the artificial construction of versal lettering. Conceived for massive display applications, Tarisel Lombardic comes in a range of weights and widths that bring its broken counters into focus from different perspectives. An array of stylistic alternates can be used to highlight its romanesque or its gothic roots — or to create a cryptic melange of the two.